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The Metal Gear Solid movie that almost was

November 8, 2014

Did you ever hear of a movie called "Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy"? If you are a fan of the series then not only have you heard of it, but have also been waiting for a follow-up movie to come out. Let the bubble bursting begin, as there are no plans to bring one out anymore and it doesn't look as if it will change anytime soon.

Apparently there may have been some legal issue involved due to a statement made by Hive Division, which is a team of Italian film makers and students who dedicated themselves to producing a non profit movie. In a discussion with Playstation University a while back, here is a portion of what they explained.

part 2

“The end-result is that MGSP2 cannot be officially authorized and, unlike when we made MGSP1, the risk we would face if we proceeded without proper authorization would be too great.”

While even Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima has given praise to the first movie, there is no mention what specific legal implications may be a part of the problem. Some believe that because the project was cancelled a few days before an Indiegogo funding campaign started, that it may have something to do with it.

There is hope however, as Spider-Man and X-Men director Avi Arad is stepping up to the plate and working with Konami and Kojima on making a full fledged Hollywood movie. When will that become a reality? It could be another 2 years away, perhaps more, but at least it was given a green light, and with a proper man behind the camera to boot.

Who will play the role of Solid Snake? That too is still up in the air, and it will be interesting to see who fits the bill when filming for the movie begins. As for now, well......for those of  you who might have missed it, here is both the full first Philanthropy movie, and a 12 minute trailer for the second one that will now never come to pass unfortunately.

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