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The movie rope by Alfred Hitchcock has a tie with Metal Gear

October 22, 2014

How does Alfred Hitchcock have anything to do with Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes? For starters, according to Hideo Kojima recently in a tweet about GZ, it was a common factor for the single camera use in the games cinemas.

Indeed, a thriller movie that was released back in 1948 was somewhat of an experimental film that did not have the technology we use today in films for certain camera shots. Instead, what Rope did was create the effect of a single shot, by making close up filming of objects. This was necessary in order to perform the switching of film reels. 

Not a bad concept considering the time of the movie making. It will be interesting to see Ground Zeroes use a similar concept in its cinema sequences. GZ will be making multiple uses of game play elements unlike before, such as the ability to upload your own music using the Walkman feature, which will allow you to listen to your favorite music while you sneak around the enemy base.

You can check out the tweets below, as well as a classic shot or two of the classic movie, and a video.

Saw "Rope" by Hitchcock. "MGSV" uses almost 1 camera shot b/w cutscene & gameplay. "Rope" was experimental movie created 65 years ago.(cont)
W/o digital technology back then, instead used close-ups of the back or lid in every 10 min. Interesting gimmicks outside of the window too.


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