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The MSX computer system going into its 30s

October 28, 2014

What is one of the game companies that comes to mind when you think about the classic MSX system? Did you say Konami?, gee I wonder what gave that away, (looking around...). Well I take that back, if you are a huge fan of the system, you likely thought of Microsoft. The abbreviations seemed to have stood for MicroSoft Extended. The other concept behind it was also known as inter-band software exchange ability.

Just a while back on June 27th 2013, marked the 30th anniversary of the MSX series, and yes it has been that long ago. The series has undergone four generations of computers, MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, and the turboR format. Each progressive new system also yielded backwards compatibility with older formats, which is always a good thing. So why don't you and I take a look at another item of interest while your here, and that being some of the Konami games produced for it.

Let's start with Metal Gear, my personal favorite. The first was released as an exclusive title for the MSX, as was its even more sequel Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Both of these are found in the HD collection for those of you who own a PS3 and bought it.

You will also land both of those titles in the Legacy Collection which was released on July 9th 2013 if you plan on getting that puppy. You can thank Hideo Kojima for that brain child series which has come such a long way, and isn't letting up anytime soon.

Another in the series, was the Gradius / Nemesis shooters. Unlike on other platforms, they had a bit more substance to them than usual. The MSX did have some limitations with side scrolling titles, as you can see in the video below. The background moves at somewhat of a "frame by frame" movement, but still manageable once you get used to playing it.

The third was likely the Castlevania game that time might have forgotten, but not the MSX lover out there. The title was actually labeled as "Vampire Killer", and it too, was a screen by screen game as the same as Metal Gear and many others were. I actually owned this one myself at one point, as at the time I was on a Castlevania rampage, wanting to own everyone in existence. Now I wished I hadn't sold it on eBay. Ho-hum.

This one plays and looks similar to the first one released on the Famicom (NES) back in the late 80's. The set up is a bit different though, as you will have to hunt down keys to advance, plus you will sometimes find sellers that you trade with to get new items and power ups. You can most likely call this one a spin off of the first Castlevania, perhaps a half brother.

Much more, to be played to be really appreciated. After having owned multiple MSX games and the system itself, I can honestly say I personally will never forget such a great system, anytime soon.

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