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The Playstation Network gets a dose of Suikoden goodness

December 9, 2014

Playstation Network users can finally rejoice, as they can now download the long awaited Suikoden 2, which is one of the best RPG games to ever grace your console system. Earlier this year it had seemed that just for a single day that this hit title would see the light of day thanks to an ESRB rating given for it, which meant that it would finally be on some format.

The rating was mysteriously pulled a short while later and didn't resurface until recently, indicating that it would indeed make it out in some form or another.

That reality is now PSN, and while the US now has Suikoden II available, the European release is set to release in January, so I'm afraid a few of you will have to wait just a bit longer unfortunately. Buy hey!, at least this fantastic title is finally headed your way right?

The game is available on the following formats. PS3, and PS-Vita systems.

On yet another note, I invite you to join us at our Suikoden Revival Movement page where you can meet up with other liked minded gamers such as yourself and make some new friends in the process. We are currently well over 25,000 and growing at a steady pace, and now that this new release has taken off  it seems promising those numbers will continue to rise as always.

As for Suikoden 2 being released, this is a great victory for you and I, the fans who helped make it happen. So go and buy yourself a copy, and while your at, get a copy for your friend and be sure to rate the game after your purchase!

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