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The push for Suikoden on Steam begins on June 3rd to reach new fans

May 3, 2016

No, the spirit of Suikoden has not died. In fact, there is a huge push on the way in just one month to get the best RPG game series ever created to land on Steam. I'm sure you've  heard about Steam by now. A way to play both new and classic games on your PC. Just who is behind the push you ask?

The Suikoden Revival Movement, which is the most die hard group of fans out there that have been doing a splendid job of keeping the spirit behind the RPG franchise alive and well. So far you've likely seen Playstation Network releases of the first three games already floating around out there, which is nothing short of a triumph behind the movement.

Well, on June 3rd, the goal behind this new movement will be to send some big waves on social media to Konami, Konami UK, and last but certainly not least, Konami Japan. The company itself has already retweeted the upcoming event, which means at least one part of it is aware of what we are trying to do. That's certainly a nice start isn't it?

Besides the Suikoden Revival Movement getting on board with a Steam push to happen, you too can take part of it by helping spread the word. Let your own voices be heard and get the good word out by letting others know right now, and send a message of your own to participate in the cause.

Our goal is to reach as many new fans as possible, and make Suikoden even more popular than it is now. The potential is certainly great enough, as Steam has access to thousands upon thousands of new gamers who still haven't heard of the series, or who simply want to be able to play it on their PCs.

If successful, you could very well see an enhanced version of an already fantastic game franchise ready for download. So what are you waiting for?, and while you're at it, feel free to drop in on the official Facebook page and give us a like, and make some new friends in the process. Currently there are over 28 thousand fans who are on board, and we would love to add you to that list!

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