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The quest for Nintendo games, an unexpected adventure

January 27, 2015

No it has nothing to do with Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, but it does have everything to do with Jay Bartlett, a man with 8-bit Nintendo games on his mind and a mission to accomplish. The goal is crystal clear,...try to obtain every single NES game ever released in North America, and he has just 30 days to complete his task.

Along the way will be filmmaker Rob McCallum doing cover for Jay and creating a fantastic documentary of the legacy of the NES game console and the company of Nintendo.

When the 8-bit console first launched on July 15, 1983, it was originally called the "Family Computer", or "Famicom" for short. It later launched in North America in 1985 and was the magical answer to the great crash fallout of the gaming industry of 1983.

That was during a time when just any old company would spring up and try to cash in on the industry by producing games that were rather short in the quality department. Horrible titles like E.T. The Extra Terrestrial were not uncommon in those days, and soon caused the demise of the gaming market.

Soon to follow was the best selling console of its time by Nintendo, which held a better standard with its third party developers who had to meet certain guidelines when developing new games. They also had to meet the official Nintendo seal of approval, all in an effort to prevent the same mistake from happening twice and thus letting game buyers down a second time.

Everything from Super Mario Bros. to Super Contra, the NES 8-bit console is about to receive a second wind in its sail, thanks to a KickStarter campaign to fund a great documentary that has already made a considerable amount of money past its goal.

It only goes to show how awesome the games were, and how popular they still are. So if you want to secure yourself a disc copy of the documentary which launches in November this year, you'd better hurry to the official page right now and make your pledge. Trust me, you will not regret it.

The news of the documentary has already sprung up on other big name sources such as NBC, CBS, CTV, CBC Radio•One, and many podcasts and blogs such as this one. The PERKS for the amount pledged include many gems from special collector editions of the DVD, to signed Blue-Ray copies and much more, so what are you waiting for?

Head on over to the Kickstarter page and select from the list of perks to secure yours now as you only have 10 days left as I post this!

Special thanks to Carrie Swidecki for sharing.

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This is incredible! Thank you for sharing the kick starter for Nintendo Quest! Thank you for being a long time supporter of my World Records to bring awarenessto using Exergaming in the schools to fight childhood obesity! You rock!

Thanks so much for sharing! We have a chance at hitting our next stretch goal and making an 8-bti NES game about collecting games! Think turn-based Final Fantasy style - and YOU can be in the GAME if you support our Kickstarter Campaign!