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The results are in, and the push to get Suikoden on steam has gained some great momentum

July 1, 2016

About a month ago, the great folks from the Suikoden Revival Movement made yet another push to get Konami to bring the greatest RPG game series to another forma,.....this time being the Steam network. The attempt is to make it possible for yet even more fans,.....and would be fans to have access to this fantastic franchise.

For years now, the SRM team has kept the spirit alive and well for the series by not only following up with fellow fans for any new news about Suikoden happening, but also making it possible to play some of those awesome gems on other formats as well. So far the team has managed to get the first 3 titles on PSN (Playstation Network) but like a tireless expedition, there is still much work to be done.

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As it stands right now, quite a number of gaming sites (including this one) have taken notice of their movement and took part in spreading the good word. Here is a breakdown of those sites where you can check out posts made by them.

While you are at it, feel free to join the SRM team, and help spread the message of keeping the Suikoden series alive and well, just as they have done for so many years now.

If our voices are loud enough, you could very well see a Suikoden game or two (or three or four or five we hope) land on Steam soon, where you and many others will have the ability to both relive the experience once again, as well as introduce a few new fans in the process. Be sure to tell your friends about it, and keep that spirit alive!

Source - Courtesy of Jacob Cantele

Thank you everyone for the huge outpouring of support! We’ve put together a list list of all of the #SuikodenOnSteam coverage so far. Feel free to submit any press coverage we’ve missed.

1. Konami: “We love you @SuikodenRevival and are happy to see the #suikodenonsteam movement being noisy and fun with their passion! Thanks!”

2. Kotaku: Suikoden Fans Beg Konami To Put The Games On Steam

3. USGamer: Grassroots Movements Vs. Gaming’s Corporate Inevitability

4. CGMagOnline: Fans Appeal to Konami in Effort to Get Suikoden Released on Steam

5. TechnoBuffalo: Suikoden Revival Movement bombards Konami with pleas for Steam release

6. NicheGamer: #SuikodenOnSteam Campaign Arises to Push for PC Release of Classic RPGs

7. TechRaptor: Suikoden Revival Movement launches a campaign to bring Suikoden on Steam

8. Reddit: Suikoden Revival Movement announces the #SuikodenOnSteam campaign starting June 3rd

8. Geekebana: #SuikodenOnSteam campaign is live

9. Konami News: The Push for Suikoden on Steam Begins June 3rd

10. Hexmojo: The #SuikodenOnSteam Campaign Has Commenced

11. Neoseeker: Suikoden fans spark revival movement on Twitter to have Konami release the franchise on Steam

12. Digital Crack Network: Suikoden Fans Launch Campaign to Put Games on Steam

13. JPgames (Germany): #SuikodenOnSteam-Kampagne startet am 3. Juni

14. Games N’ More (Italy): Suikoden on Steam – Parte il movimento per chiedere a Konami la pubblicazione della saga su Steam

15. echip (Vietnam): Fan hâm mộ cùng lập nhóm gửi đơn xin Konami làm lại game

16. VRUTAL (Spain): Fans de Suikoden quieren bombardear a Konami para que saque los juegos en Steam

17. Tarreo (Chile): Fans buscan que Konami lleve los juegos de Suikoden a PC


19. Automaton (Japan): 『幻想水滸伝』のSteam配信求めてファングループがキャンペーン実施、コナミもSNSで反応みせる

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