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The scene where president Johnson grabs Raiden

October 19, 2014

I know what your thinking, what kind of a post title is that? It's simply there to bring to light one important fact. Konami just so happens to be one of Google's favorite game companies! Recently, you've heard or at least might have heard about the Konami code being used in Google's Voice Search system to give you unlimited searches.

Well, it doesn't end there, as there are at least two other scenarios that involve the famous Google Search algorithm, and the both once again involve Konami. One being the code itself again. Let's take a look at that one first.

Full Fire Power in Gradius 

Google was asked what was the first game to make use of the Konami code. The answer was of course, NOT Contra, as you might have guessed. It is long time famous series shoot em' up Gradius.

The code was used to give full weapons power up, except for speed-up, Double, and Laser shot. Which having power-ups in Gradius was necessary, as even though of by the programmer to make it easier for his beta testers to test.

What did President Johnson do to Raiden? 

The famous Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, a game that made you want to run out and buy a PS2 if you didn't own one already. Well, it also has a secret, a dirty little secret and Google Voice Search knows about it. In the game, President Johnson, well......grabs Raiden's crotch. After performing the uncomfortable action, he is surprised to learn Raiden is a man. Funny that. You can also hear the guy that recorded this video at the end start laughing. 

And just to prove that this actually happened, you can check out the video below. Just to save you some time, skip to time index 2:45 to catch the scene where President Johnson, grabs Raiden's, you know,......Johnson.

Know any funny moments in Konami games you would like to share, or have me do a post about? Fire away in the comment section below and let me know. I just might pick up on it, as I'm always looking for new material to share with other fans. Cheers!

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