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The side of Ganbare Goemon you never knew about

May 18, 2015

He's been called a trouble maker. He's been at the arcade, on consoles, and even at the casino. Ganbare Goemon has a side to it that most gamers never even knew about. It's all the more reason why I wish the Japanese versions of these games were localized more often. Folks in the west probably know him best as the Mystical Ninja, as in "Legend of the Mystical Ninja".

Remember that one on the Super Nintendo? Yeah, and it was the only one on that system that was released in the west, as the rest found only a home in Japan.

When the name became first known back in the 1980s, the story of the noble thief named Goemon was loosely based on the thief called Ishikawa Goemon from Japanese folklore. The character was most notable for his blue bushy type hair, and his personal favorite weapon called a kiseru.

Some think of it as just a huge pipe. After making its debut in the land of great games, the popularity of the series sparked so much interest with fans that it even managed to land both a manga and an anime series.

Another key feature that somewhat separates Goemon games from other titles is the fact that it also incorporates RPG and puzzle elements within the game, and even gambling games such as dice rolls, lottery and betting games for events like horse racing.

I know, and it's why I wish there were still games like this made these days. It's like a multi-game within a multi-game, and the series even managed to land itself as a pachislot machine at the local casino. Talk about covering some ground!

Out of all the games released overseas, they pale in comparison with the amount of titles that launched in Japan. Among the ones localized included Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, and Goemon's great adventure. This along with two hand held games for the Gameboy system.

Take a quick look at both the anime and the pachislot trailer, along with some cool looking artwork from fans of the series. The anime is an English dub, so it may not be quite up to par with being perfect as far as translations go.






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