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The staff at Konami behind the magic of Metal Gear

October 24, 2014

Always enjoying tweets like this one from Hideo Kojima. It gives you and I a better insight into the inner sanctum of Konami and what the crew and setting looks like. Here you can see in the first picture which is of Kojima in the front row, followed by a combination of staff from the Los Angeles division of Konami that just opened up a short while back to do work on Metal Gear games, along with others from the Tokyo department.

The second is taken within Yoji's booth, one of Kojima's big helping hands in the Metal Gear Solid art department, among other things. Yoji's handy work extends back years with MG, and earlier this year had an art contest to see who can draw the best!

The third is another meeting setting. Kojima moves around a lot, and is constantly taking pictures of his travels, where he goes, what he is currently doing, and even sometimes what he's eating? Talk about dedication to Tweeting!

You can follow Kojima to keep up with his events and what is currently going on with the latest Metal Gear game. Ground Zeroes is the current topic as usual, but it won't be long until The Phantom Pain, which is the big daddy to GZ is the main topic. You can follow his English account, or his Japanese account depending on your needs.

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