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The Suikoden 1 game soundtrack gets a piano and violin cover

October 9, 2014

Any Suikoden fan should never get tired of these, as it is because of you, the fan that they even exist! This time it's the cover to the Gregminster theme from the first Suikoden game from way back in the Playstation 1 days. Perhaps some of you were not even born yet, while others were really young.

No matter what, this cover should put a smile on your face, as it utilizes a violin, piano, and percussion to bring the song to life in the real world. So far this is the third Suikoden game music soundtrack song I've posted about, and I hope there are more to come in the future. Excellent work and a big hand shake go out to hana no ongaku for her effort!

Keep them coming fans, and don't give up your hopes to see a Suikoden 6 game.

Meanwhile, for those of you reading this and want to join us on Facebook for the Suikoden Revival Movement, you can do so following the link below. The movement of course is to raise awareness of just how missed the series is and the demand for its comeback.

Again, the goal is to not only bring the first two Suikoden titles to other formats like PSN, Xbox Live, iOS, Android, and other formats like PSP (perhaps even PSVita) but to also make known the importance of producing a 6th Suikoden title for the series. So go ahead, join our ever increasing numbers today! Almost 23,000 members and growing!

via Suikoden Revival

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