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The top best RPG games land on PSN for PS3 and PSVita

December 15, 2014

They've been called the top best RPG games of all time, and for good reason too. For those who have played the first two Suikoden games, you know exactly what I mean. They both have it all when it comes to a great role playing title, passion, love, betrayal, and some epic battles that any fan could ever want.

Watch out for that Luca Blight character, he packs a wallop. Thankfully for those who have waited and waited for the series to make a return then this is your time my friend, as is such the case with the Revival Movement on Facebook, which is celebrating the release of these two gems. You can download your copy right now on PSN (Playstation Network) for both the PS3 and PSVita game systems.

Trust me, if you haven't played either title or only one of them then may I suggest using this opportunity to have yourself a good RPG game worth taking the time to play through.

In the meantime, if you are in the neighborhood on Facebook, take the time to drop by the official Suikoden Revival Movement page and give us a like, where you can also meet up with other like minded fans such as yourself.

There are currently well over 25,000 members who are a part of the movement, and each year there is even a "Suikoden Day" where fans get together and play games and discuss the series, and even have contests where you can perhaps win something nice. Also if you need you can download both manuals for each game using the links below. The game manuals are in .PDF format so make sure you have a reader installed. (Adobe)

Suikoden 1 Manual

Suikoden 2 Manual

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