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The top five Castlevania game music soundtracks of all time

January 14, 2015

The Castlevania series has been around a long time. So much so that the series is known far beyond the typical vampire hunting, candle smashing, stair climbing elements that kept gamers coming back for more. The game music soundtrack has set the stage for so much inspiration, that to this day you still see many YouTube videos popping up left and right from fans doing their favorite Castlevania songs.

After almost 30 years of Konami pumping out one title after another, there is so much to choose from, that I thought it best to do a top five soundtrack list.


1.) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Dance of Gold.MP3

Symphony of the Night has to be the grandfather of all Castlevania games, as it has had more play time than any other title in the series. Being the first one to introduce Alucard as the main character, the SOTN soundtrack to this day still remains number one with die hard fans, and it doesn't look like that will change any time soon.

For any of you who have never tried this game, I highly recommend it to you and any friends that may have overlooked it. Be that as it may, it did take a while after its initial release to catch on with Playstation 1 gamers, but then quickly rose to the top as a major contender to other games.


2.) Super Castlevania IV


When the Super Nintendo first released, many wondered how it would hold up against the already released Sega Genesis console, which had already taken a huge bite out of the 16-bit gaming market with titles like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and others. The SNES not only stood its ground, but dished out some major hit titles from Konami like Axelay and an arcade port of Gradius 3.

Castlevania IV was also at the forefront with the first in the series to use mode 7 hardware scaling effects, along with a music soundtrack that will have your speakers thumping, and your mother knocking on the door asking you to turn the volume down.


3.) Castlevania Chronicles

Mine Stage.MP3

The second title to grace the PS1 console was Castlevania Chronicles, a port of the original Sharp X68000 Japanese computer game called Akumaj┼Ź Dracula which many in other parts of the world never knew existed. That is until the release of Chronicles which turned more than just a few heads in the west.

The original made great use of the MIDI format computer systems were known for, but this one gives you the option to use the original, or a more contemporary orchestrated version.


4.) Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

 Ghost Ship.MP3

Number 4 kicks off Rondo of Blood, a game many were also unfamiliar with during its release due to the fact that it was only released in Japan for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM system. For some of you that would translate to a more well known TurboGrafx-16 CD system, equipped with a Super CD Card so you can play it.

Later released as a somewhat redone version on the Playstation Portable as Dracula X Chronicles, Rondo of Blood also boasted one of the greatest soundtracks ever heard in the series.


5.) Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia


I certainly couldn't leave out a portable Castlevania game now could I? Of course not, and Order of Ecclesia is the best of the best from the land of portable gaming. Also being the first title to have a female as the main character, (yes, I know about Maria Renard from the Saturn version of SOTN) this one got me really fired up after watching multiple videos of it before its initial release back in October 2008.

After taking it home like a bolt of lightning and popping it into my Nintendo DS, I was not only amazed at a whole new attack system and graphics from the previous two titles, but also the amazing soundtrack within. Order of Ecclesia also was the first portable game to make use of multiple outdoor environments, rather than just being in a castle all the time as with traditional Castlevania games.

Which do you think should have made this list? Add to it, or take away from it, if you have another favorite in mind then cast your thoughts in the comment section below. While your at it, please visit Mr.P's Castlevania Realm for MP3 soundtrack downloads, as you will find pretty much every track to every game there is so far.

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