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The United Kingdom will get a dose of Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition

October 22, 2014

A while back when United Health Care made a partnership with Konami to bring DDR: Classroom Edition to schools, people were skeptical about how much it would catch on. The drive to fight against childhood obesity seemed like a losing battle, so Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition came to the rescue.

Schools across North America are participating more and more, stretching well into California. The United Kingdom has taken to DDR with its classrooms, thanks in part to the recent BETT show which is currently taking place into tomorrow.

The setup is not that complex either, as there are up to 48 dance mats, all wireless and fed into just one PC. A large screen in front of the classroom displays the dance moves, while monitoring devices are attached to each student to monitor elements such as their body mass index, the amount of steps they take, and the calories burned.

Beyond the classroom, DDR: Classroom Edition is also being used in fitness centers so anyone can get in on the concept of fun and exercise at the same time.


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