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The Vic Viper gets born again as a classic shooter

October 24, 2014

One of the games, if not the very game that set the standard for a lot of shooters gets a second glance, as the classic Gradius game from the mid 1980's found not only its way to the Nintendo eShop, but back into your heart once again.

Gradius was an intense shooter that paved the way for power-ups, blasting through a total of seven stages which included some huge and challenging bosses at the end of each one. It also was the first Konami game to make use of the old Konami code. Rare is a person who could make it through each and every level without having to start all over due to the lack of decent power ups.

The code was put into the programming of the game to benefit beta testers who were having difficulty playing through to the game to check it out. After that it was forgotten about, never removed from the program and went into print to be put on the market. Now you can relive the experience once again, except this time on your Nintendo Wii-U, as the famous Vic Viper blasts its way to the Nintendo eShop. Below is also a full run game play video of Gradius

System:Wii U  
Release Date: Jan 9, 2014  
No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous  
Category: Action, Adventure  
Publisher: Konami  
Developer: Konami  
Price: $4.99 

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