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The World Wide Web is now in its mid twenties

October 22, 2014

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the world wide web, and I just wanted to give some of my own personal thanks for all the web has given me, and all of you. Tim Berners-Lee created what is known by not so many the basis for the web, giving rise to the HTTP format, or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Indeed, there are many who have never known what those 4 letters at the beginning of a web address stand for.

You can see the screen shot below which contains the proposal basis for how Ted Berners-Lee and his team created the idea for what we all now take for granted. I remember a time when a number of small search engines like Yahoo, Lycos, and ExactSeek were around, and there was somewhat of a "Search Engine War" taking place, which Google ended up being the victor after all was said and done.

March 1989 was that special time when the world and the lives of so many would change forever, thanks to folks like Tim. Google has even taken to putting up a birthday cake on their page, among a few other news stories floating out there.

What would your life be if you had no Internet connection from now on? Would it hurt you to a degree that you couldn't get by, or at least make it a lot harder for you? Some food for thought.

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