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There and back again, a Castlevania tale by Koji Igarashi

October 22, 2014

There and back again, a title you've probably heard if you've seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or plan to watch the next "The Hobbit" movie coming up later on. This time it's actually about the famous Koji Igarashi, who is responsible for such great MetroidVania games like Symphony of the Night.

He has now left Konami Digital Entertainment, and for good. His mission, to start his own game company, and in the process he wishes to do one thing with his new found power. Continue making games that are like Castlevania.

You heard right, the long time producer wants to take the MetroidVania concept, and give it some new life with some projects of his own, projects that he now for the first time has complete control over, and can dictate the kind of elements he wants to put into it. In his question and answer session, he was asked whether he would recruit people internationally, and he responded with saying that he hasn't given it much thought.

"There's no company behind me just yet," said Igarashi.

"But thinking about the future, what I do know is I have a larger fan base outside of Japan, in North American and Europe – so I think that's going to become the core or central part of my future and movement and whatever I do.

"The only thing is I don't speak English so it might be slightly difficult!"

Koji also admitted that he just found out about the term "MetroidVania" only 2 years ago because of his fans on Facebook. I bet you didn't see that one coming did you? His response to it was this. 
"I like the name and I respect the meaning of it, it fits very well. I'm actually honored that Metroid is attached to Castlevania and that it morphed into this new word."
Koji's decision to leave Konami was a big one to make, he admits. What his intentions are when he lands his new company are a welcome one, and I for one can't wait to see what Mr. Castlevania has in store for the world when he is let loose to pursue his new games.

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