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There's a Snake in the box, I'll have to call you back

January 29, 2015

Sounds like a punchline from a TV show right? Well, as serious and sometimes complicated as Metal Gear games can be from time to time, there is also a little room for some comedy too right? I've seen a number of fan based movies and skits for the famous tactical espionage action series floating around on the Internet recently, but this one deserves a second look.

It's called BOXHOUND, and features a parody of Solid Snake getting into his usual predicaments, and adds a blend of comic relief to go with it.

While making these fan type films can be somewhat of a legal issue with some companies, both Konami and director Hideo Kojima do approve of the making of this one, just as they did with the first Philanthropy film that was created by an Italian filmmaker team a while back.

Although that isn't always the case with some game based concepts, just as the Metal Gear remake for the original NES game had been cancelled for whatever reason, along with the sequel to Philanthropy itself. The issue seems to mostly coincide with whether you intend to make a profit off of it or not, along with whatever internal policies Konami may have towards it.

Regardless, BOXHOUND is based on just that, a well known and beloved Solid Snake that has taken refuge inside of that famous cardboard box that you can hide in from the first Metal Gear Solid game, and made it into a short but funny film that will provide some relief from the seriousness that MG is typically known for.

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