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These fantasy cosplay girls get their Silent Hill groove on

November 30, 2014

Now that the Silent Hill franchise is getting ever so much popular these days, you can see the results of it time and again with the fans, as they keep pouring in their new material. Some of that is in the form of cosplay. Cosplay for those not in the know is the act of dressing up like your favorite fantasy character, whether movie based, comic, or even from the video game industry with titles like Silent Hill.

So much so is straight from the depths of DeviantArt, with some photos from the fans that took more than a little time to put together, and show just how much love and appreciation these folks have for their favorite horror game. Take a look below for some of the best of the best.

Krista Jones' kick ass Cybil cosplay! the costume includes custom patches, a dyed shirt, a home-made parasite/blood, & red contact lenses.

This has to be one of the more realistic setups I've seen in a while. Krista really went all out to make that parasite look like it burst out of her back!

LadyRohan87 does an excellent cosplay act for Heather from Silent Hill 3 - Mirror Mirror act.


Silent Hill nurses done right, with this hot photo by MadeInHeaven1979


Not the kind of nurse you would want to have at your bedside in the hospital, but yet another fine act performed by Shiroyuki9


We can't leave out the beautiful Maria from Silent Hill 2 now can we? Yet another fine addition from ShlachinaPolina


 An excellent duet for Lisa and Samael which will make you want to go back and relive the experience. Photo by Kronprinz

Do you have a special photo you would like to share with the rest of the world? Perhaps you have one for something other than Silent Hill. Any game by Konami will gladly get a post here if you like. Simply leave your comment in the comment section below, along with a link to your photos and I will do an article for you about it.

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