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These Silent Hill nurse cosplay acts look real

October 9, 2014

Erotic natured characters and horror games as well as movies are starting to merge together in strange ways. Silent Hill is certainly no exception to the cause, as the famous nurses in the series have caught the eye of more than a few fans out there.

So much so that quite a number of people have gotten into the act through cosplay. Indeed, these sexy cosplay girls from the files of Mike Rollerson show the famous Silent Hill nurses done right. As creepy as they seem, the detail and style is right on the money honey.

After going through some of the photos posted by Mike on Flickr, it would seem he has quite a proclivity for other sexy cosplay girls from various other games, movies, and so on. The talent shown from many of them is incredible to say the least. I can see why so many get into the act of dressing up like their favorite characters.

Be sure to check out the link below for more of where these three photos came from using the link below. If you haven't seen his collection yet, you're about to, and I imagine you'll be bookmarking it real soon. While your at it, why not bookmark this blog?

via Mike Rollerson

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