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This cool game has a Silent Hill musical secret

December 29, 2014

Growing during the 1980s was a special time for me. It was a time when both console and arcade games were still in their golden years. Colecovision, Atari 2600, Odyssey, and the onslaught of new arcade games emerging in the market were enough to make a growing kid's head explode with excitement.

Walking into the local arcade and seeing a new release had just landed on the floor made me make a mad dash for the nearest token dispenser so I could try it out. One of those just happen to be the classic Frogger game. A game that has stood the test of time, and even today you will find even some newer generations of gamers taking a look back and playing the hit title every now and then. After all, graphics aren't everything right? Right.

Silent Hill is another story, and just what do Frogger and the famous survival horror game have to do with each other? Well, one thing according to an article recently at Bloody-Disgusting. They just pointed out something that I had forgotten years ago. Upon playing the 2001 release of Frogger: The Great Quest! when you get to the "The Dark Trail Ruins" you will notice one thing. Wow, that music playing sounds familiar.

Well it should, as it is an altered version of the song "Promise" from Silent Hill 2. Indeed, Akira Yamaoka's handy work even extends into the world of frog mania. Some of  you may have been too busy hopping around and collecting those bonuses and other goodies to have noticed it, but mind you it's there. Both games were released within 2 months of each other. Coincidence?, I think not. Awesome?, most certainly. Compare both songs below.

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