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This is what a portable Nintendo 64 looks like - Before and after pictures

October 11, 2015

Just when I think I've seen everything, someone always comes along and proves me wrong. That's a good thing right? It just means I haven't seen it all, and this is certainly a first for me, and probably for you. The title above is just that, a portable Nintendo 64. Yes, it can be done. It just takes the kind of patience to move mountains, and a steady hand like a brain surgeon to pull it off.

But it can be done folks. Who would have ever thought that would happen. Not by the hands of Nintendo of course, unless you want to count the Nintendo DS as one, since it had a few similar titles and shares a bit of the same love, Super Mario 64. But this takes the cake and bakes the cake altogether.

A few years ago no one would have ever thought it would be possible to have the kind of technology sitting in the palms of your hands like we do now. Over time you had Game Boy games superior to Atari games, then Game Boy Advance with the same level of graphics boasted by the Super Nintendo, and now.....the sky is the limit it seems.

Nano technology is to blame for that one. Parts become smaller, and are capable of doing much more than their previous over sized counterparts.

The Nintendo 64 released in North America back in 1996, and I was one of the first to get my hands on both it and a copy of Mario. After that I couldn't wait for Konami to get up to speed and start releasing some of their magic on it as well. That yielded of course a couple of Castlevania games, and another personal favorite of mine, two Ganbare Goemon games.

Also known as Legend of the Mystical Ninja to the rest of us. But come now, a portable Nintendo 64? Literally. An original one taken a part piece by piece and put back together in an entirely new form. One that fits in your hands and is capable of being taken on the road.

There are over a ton of pictures below that showcase how to do this step by step, and while it seems like a nightmare to pull this sucker a part and make it into something you can throw in the front seat of your car, it does take a steady hand and the patience to move mountains.

As an added bonus, you can also check out the video of another well built machine at the bottom. Thanks to Downing for this efforts and upload to YouTube for that one.

After you are blown away by all of this, let your thoughts and comments fire away in the comment section below.

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