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Three piano renditions of Suikoden II music performed by another fan

October 25, 2015

While Konami has been dishing out previous Suikoden games on Playstation Network recently, quite a few more fans have jumped on the bandwagon and started realizing just how awesome the series really is. With its first introduction back in the mid 1990's, Suikoden seemed to be just another JRPG game on the store shelf.

That soon proved to be false as it gained momentum with the audience, and was soon followed by another release in 1998. The only problem was the followup game didn't sell well as it was a limited print only, and not many even knew of its existence.

Thankfully with today's technology we can both relive that experience that was once limited, as well as use it as an opportunity to bring new fans onto the playing field and give them something to cheer about. One such fan is already doing that, by sharing with the world his own piano rendition of three songs from Suikoden 2.

Which is likely hailed as being the best of the best in the entire series for many fans. Songs included are "Opening", "A Peaceful Mountain Village", and "Reminiscence", which is also one of my personal favorites to boot.

While there are a number of other renditions already listed on YouTube, it's always welcome to introduce any newcomer who wants to add fuel to the Suikoden fire.

His name is "Sensual Piano"........his YouTube name that is, and take a few minutes of your precious time to hear his handy work and comment on what you think about it  below in the comment section.

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