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TimeSpinner is a chip off the old Symphony of the Night block

October 9, 2014

Timespinner is a name that you'll be hearing more of in the coming days. Why is that? For starters it's looking like it will be a really great game, one that is based on the same style and game play of another title the production team loves. That being Castlevania. TS is based largely on the series, with a huge spice of Symphony of the Night thrown into the mix.

The game will star a female protagonist who has the power of time at her command, using it to give her a tactical advantage over her enemies. Aside from mimicking that of SOTN, there will also be types of familiars you can use. Alucard eat your heart out.

Currently they've reached their pledge goal for a PS4 version, and are now focused on a familiar local co-op mode so you and a friend can play together. Two times the fun indeed, and a PSVita version might also be a reality if that pledge goal is also reached.

It's middle class games like this and KickStarter that must be supported by you, the fans. Let us never forget the classics and what made them so great. In the wake of high powered open world and flashy eye candy games of today, there is still plenty of room for more 2D fun like this. See video below.

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