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Top five modded consoles that will make you wonder how they were even made

November 12, 2015

Some people just can't leave well enough alone can they? Of course they can't, and I say more power to them if they can make it happen! Such is the case with modded consoles where people will take their game systems and literally transform it into something that looks completely manufactured from start to finish.

It takes a delicate, precise hand to pull off some of these projects, and a lot of patience to boot! How about a portable Gamecube? What about a Super Nintendo that is modified with a Super Castlevania IV theme, and looks like it just awoken from the graveyard? A car with a built in Xbox 360? Yes, these are floating around out there, in someone's lucky livelihood that is.

These are nothing new of course, as people have been modifying their consoles and even arcade machines for years. But certainly not to this insane degree right?

Not just anyone can do this, so unless you know exactly what you're doing and have experience in this sort of thing, I wouldn't recommend going around splitting open your consoles and trying it yourself, or you just might find yourself without a console anymore. For most of us, these are "drool over pictures", and that's where they will always remain.

I've covered another article if you will about modded NES consoles a while back which featured themes from various Konami games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania, Metal Gear, and others if you want something else to envy over. Trust me they are worthy of a look.

There are actually those who do this sort of thing to bring in an income on a weekly and monthly basis, and after all, if you can take a plain old console and make it into something spectacular...why not do it? So take a look at some pictures, along with a video or two below and comment on which one is your personal favorite below.

WiiCube - Portable Gamecube with Wiikey added for SD card support

Modded Super Nintendo with Castlevania IV theme

RGB modded NES console w/stereo output

Skies of Arcadia themed Dreamcast mod

Xbox 360 meets the inside of a car (Yeah....I know right?)

That last one was probably a bit overwhelming, and I can only imagine the effort, time, and cost of making it happen. But when you love gaming so much there is no limit spared with some fans out there. All the more for us to drool over, and only wish it belonged to us.

If you personally have a modded console project you would like to share with this blog, just add your information in the Contact section above for possible inclusion and I will add it to this post.

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