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Top picks for Metal Gear Solid - The Phantom Pain Quiet cosplay acts

October 9, 2015

Now that fans have had their fill of the new Metal Gear game "The Phantom Pain",'s only natural that they would kick into gear and start dishing out some of their best handy work when it comes to art and cosplay. The sniper character Quiet is certainly no exception to the rule, as these beautiful women stop at nothing to look just like the real thing.

Over the years I've stumbled upon many different cosplay acts from fans, but none rank up there in beauty like she does. With the exception of Eva of course. Who can forget that pretty face right?

Now with the "new kid on the block" called Quiet, you will see more and more of these popping up all over the Internet. Some from what you might call amateurs, while others seem to have a professional disposition in doing cosplay on a regular basis. Some deviant art for thought.

So I decided to take some personal picks from the web, along with giving a link back to the original page for credit of course. Tell me what you think of them in the comment section below. There is even a dedicated YouTube video with various cosplay for the character too below. Thanks to the uploader for this one.

Oh, and if you so happen to have a cosplay act of your own and want to share it with the rest of the world, feel free to submit your link and I will take a look at it for consideration. Just make sure it is based on an actual Konami game, and not something by another company. It can be anything, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Metal Gear, or even other titles such as Ganbare Goemon, Contra, and Yu-Gi-Oh.







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