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Top rated Raiden and Nake Snake cosplay acts

October 24, 2014

I never get tired of these, and maybe it's because they are just so darn awesome. The most recent one was posted on Twitter, and this one is for the character Raiden. Ever since he made his performance in Guns of the Patriots, the fans have wanted to see him in his own game. Well, after a few delays and hard work, they got just that with Revengeance earlier this year. Since then the design for him has seen fit to yield some impressive Raiden cosplay outfits, like this one. That took a bit of work to pull that outfit off don't you think?


Raiden Cosplay (Revengeance) 

If you loved that one, wait until you get a load of the Snake cosplay performance,......hats off to this fellow for his effort.

Naked Snake Cosplay

They don't call him Snake Eater for nothing. Naked Snake (Big Boss) has been around since the beginning, and set the standard for many a Metal Gear game out there. Over the years I've seen quite a number of fans dress up like him, but none have been as impressive as this one. At first it's almost hard to believe this isn't some sort of wax figure or something similar. Very detailed, very refined, and another prime example of how dedicated a fan can be. He certainly put his heart into it.

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