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TurboGrafx-16 games that many fans want brought back

October 27, 2014

Many of you probably have never heard of, or heard of but never played the TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine in Japan), but I just as sure as the nose on my face have. Bonk's Adventure, AirZonk, Bomberman, Far East of Eden, you name it. If it has a large bee on the front cover, chances are I've played through that sucker.

In fact, I personally have actually bought "Adventure Island" directly from Hudson Soft for $35. Sent in my money order, 2 weeks later got a nice package from them. Unfortunately, those days have come, and are now gone. Or are they? Hudson Soft might just be getting dug up out of the grave and brought back to life.

In April of 2011, Konami had bought a large portion of Hudson Soft, and about a year later in March of 2012, Hudson Soft had been dissolved by them. Many thought this marked the end of the company, but now Konami is saying "not so fast" Hudson fans. They've decided to license out Hudson IP's (Intellectual Property) to other companies.

So far this includes "Far East of Eden", a well known RPG that surfaced in Japan many a year ago. The last one in the series in fact was called "Far East of Eden Ziria", which made its debut on the Xbox 360. That was just about the last breath of air Hudson had as far as game releases are concerned. 

Far East of Eden is already making a comeback.....sort of. A company called Playdek is working on one that is a mobile game and will be card based. A release time of the later half of next year is planned for it. That should prove interesting. As far as other Hudson Soft classics like Bomberman, Bonk's Adventure (PC Genjin for you Japanese owners) and other hit titles they've made, only time will tell if they are brought back to life. Cross your fingers. 

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