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Turning back the clock with the shooter game Contra 3

October 24, 2014

It seems the more complicated games get, the more some of us want to regress back to a time when games were little more than side scrolling platformers where you simply shoot and kill everything around you.

One such game that fits that particular bill was Contra 3: The Alien Wars, also known as Super Probotector in the PAL region of the world. Contra III gave a new life to the series thanks to the mode 7 and special effects of the Super Nintendo/Famicom, not to mention the wild and rocking soundtrack that went along with it.

Now you can relive that action once again with your Nintendo Wii-U, as Contra 3 is now available for download on the Wii-U Virtual Console. Like the original game, and Super-C that followed it, you can team up with a partner to traverse through an alien infested world, collecting power-ups, and killing every alien species you encounter.

A total of six stages await you with a challenge that guaranteed to kill you at least once before end, unless your an ultimate game master. The official site currently has Contra III listed for $7.99, a modest price for such a classic gem.


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