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Two versions of Bloody Tears music using piano and string

October 29, 2014

Remember Simon's Quest for the 8-bit NES? Yeah, that one. The song called Bloody Tears was one of the first game music tracks out there that not only sounded cool, but is now played by others on piano and string, like in the videos below.

One contains a rather pretty lady playing Castlevania Bloody Tears on a piano, and doing a really great job, while the other is an all out orchestrated version of it. Both are well made and we pay homage to the talent that made it possible. Among all the home played versions of other music, these two are among the best.

Give both of them a good listening to and tell me which version is your favorite, the solo piano lady, or the all out orchestrated version. Oh and by the way, did you notice the poster changing color as you listened to the orchestrated BT? I failed to notice that at first.

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