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Ubusana uses elements from Gradius and other shooters

October 9, 2014

Three of my favorite awesome shooter games of all time is likely getting another puppy added to the litter. Hiroshi Iuchi, who is the man behind the mask of hits like Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, and of course, Konami's very own Gradius V will be adding yet another bit at the cherry soon. Ubusana will be the name of his next shooter, and in allowance from M2 he was given a green light to talk just an iddy biddy bit about it on his official blog site.

From that you must translate unless you speak the language of course. Given the history of Iuchi's past and from what you and I've experienced with the mad, insane, lunatic, shooter titles in the past, one can only imagine what's in store with Ubusana.

Those are all compliments of course. Not only do I own Ikaruga and Gradius V, I even have had at some time in the past my very own copy of the Sega Titan-Video (ST-V) arcade version of Radiant Silvergun. Gradius V is not very far behind either in terms of how insane the game play is. Try getting through the entire game on hard mode without getting hit once. No cheat codes allowed please, and let's take a trip down memory lane for that particular precious PS2 gem shall we?

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