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UnEpic borrows a cup of sugar from the famous vampire hunter series

October 27, 2014

A few days ago, I did a post about a few classic titles that were inspired by the classic Castlevania, and how the series has led to using the same style and feel of the franchise. It seems that inspiration has bled into another game for the PC. Sure, most PC games these days feature the latest technological advances in terms of graphics and realistic object rendering, but that doesn't necessarily mean every game has to do that.

The end of last month I did an article about another title called Odallus: The Dark Call, which takes massively after the realm of Castlevania, with not only the way it looks, but also the way it plays.

Last month also saw the PC release of a new title called "Unepic". After having played the demo, it takes after the "Metroidvania" saga in a number of ways. Although not too difficult, you do need to spend some time with this one getting used to the controls, making more use of the keyboard as you assign different buttons to different functions.

There a number of funny references in the game as well. The storyline is hilarious in the sense that you start out having to use the bathroom, and the light goes out in the middle of the main character urinating. That's a new one indeed.

Wii-U version

Unepic blends classic NES 8-bit style with modern day technology, and while playing a Castlevania styled platform game with a keyboard might not appeal to a super majority, it can be gotten used to over a little time. Unepic is currently on steam and the official site for you to download the demo and try it for yourself. A modest price tag of $9.99 isn't too bad either. Proudly made in Spain. 


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