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Unepic deliverse a feel that takes a dose of Castlevania

October 9, 2014

You're playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends, you have to use the bathroom, and then all of the sudden the lights go out and you find yourself in the midst of a strange castle. That's how Unepic begins with its rather unique setting, but you will soon find a dose of Castlevania reality around yourself real soon.

We are starting to see more and more of these types of games based on classic games pop up every now and then, and for good reason too. Gone are the days of those 2D gems that we grew up with, now replaced by photo realistic open worlds the size of a continent.

Don't get me wrong, those are a must have component and the usual crop that springs from the seed of new technology, but Unepic brings to life the other element that has vanished from the days of old. This is hardcore NES, made in Spain, and blends the kind of weapons and magic into it all that you crave in your dungeon crawler type games.

The castle itself is huge, with about 200 rooms, different environments to encounter and each with its own brand of enemies to destroy. Oh, and let's not forget the weapons, over 100 to choose from as well as 70 types of magic effects at your arsenal.

So you've had enough of reading and want some game play footage? Fair enough. Take a look at the one below and then decide if this is one of those hits you can't resist. Your dungeon master will thank you.

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