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United Health Care to help in the fight against childhood obesity

October 24, 2014

In a growing popularity with schools to fight against obesity in children, United Health Care in an effort with Konami will use the famous music game Dance Dance Revolution as a key tool in the classroom to help keep the young ones in shape. At the 2014 International CES along with Zamzee, Konami will introduce to a California school DDR hooked up to well over 40 game mats to accommodate all students using a wireless system.

The system will also utilize wearable activity meters to be used on students to monitor their health and activity levels in schools located in Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

DDR Classroom Edition is an edition of Dance Dance Revolution designed exclusively for the classroom to get school kids excited about exercise, and thus help fight against obesity which has become a major epidemic in America. Students will be fitted with what is called a Zamzee activity meter, which is basically a a three-axis accelerometer that can be attached to a students shoe or clothing and monitor both the time and intensity of their activity and health levels.

With this new program in place and growing across a number of states, students will benefit in an effort to prevent health problems associated from being overweight.

You can check out a video below which shows students enjoying a good workout to a game of DDR Classroom Edition. You can also visit the official page located

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