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Use Google's Konami code tester to find hidden Easter eggs in websites

October 9, 2014

It's Konami Code awareness time, as Google has added to their Web Store a new add on application for your Chrome browser called the "Konami Code Tester", created by Swiss marketing agency Suisseo. You've likely seen it time and again, the code being used in website to do everything from making it look like part of the site had gotten blown up, to causing dinosaurs to appear wearing funny hats on sites like VOGUE.

There are so many possibilities still left, site code designers have placed the old Gradius code so that only a select few intellectual types can identify and find it. Well that's no longer the case, as for those of you who use Google Chrome for most of your browsing and surfing needs, will be able to identify immediately any site that has the Konami code built into it.

Who knows, perhaps you might run into a site where you input the code, and it makes a fairy appear to spread pixie dust all over your computer monitor. Or it could even make a level of Gradius appear, complete with full fire power!

via Google Chrome Store

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