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Use the Contra code and get attacked by dinosaurs

October 27, 2014

Just kidding about the attacking part. But hey, a dinosaur velociraptor does appear, and has its own attire to go with it! Those of you who are fans of Konami, you are also familiar with the old Konami code from long ago. It started with Gradius, yes Gradius. A lot of people think it started with Contra, but it was the Contra code that actually made it popular. The original Gradius on NES from 1986 had a problem with beta testing.

It was too darn hard of a game to get through. So developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto implemented the code to give the player full fire power as soon as they needed it, usually at the beginning of the game obviously. Since then the code has been used in an arrangement of other titles, such as LifeForce, Castlevania Bloodlines, and most recently to unlock BioShock Infinite's 1999 mode.

So what does this mean for websites? How about a funny Easter egg that involves a velociraptor? Yes, a velociraptor. There are currently four different Konami code websites out there that make use of the Konami code, according to an article at Buzzfeed. If you type on your keyboard  ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓← →← → B A (you don't have to press START obviously) while you are at the sites listed below, you will see a raptor wearing a funny hat or some other head piece move across the screen.

The Easter egg was put in there, perhaps to pay homage to the classic code that's known so well. Plus it makes for a good laugh if you please. So are you ready for one? Hopefully the code still works, as it has been quite a while.





UPDATE - These websites may or may not make use of the Konami code now, but did at one point and images above are meant to illustrate what happened when used. They are screen captures of the real thing.

Easy Living replied to the code saying they might not have known about it. Sounds like the web code person was working on a nice surprise. Perhaps I should do a post here with that same code. Or perhaps not, maybe the Konami code has been done, and done to bloody death. Unless of course, you're that guy in the video below, who missed out on 7 thousand dollars because he didn't know it.

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