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Vampire Killer and Bloody tears on violin and piano

October 28, 2014

I love discovering new things, like when two cute ladies get into the groove of doing their own performance of Castlevania music, both with a piano and violin. They've been on YouTube for a while now, but songs like these never go out of style. At least from the fan's perspective. Castlevania has reached a 25th anniversary recently, so I thought I would point out these two girls and one guy in order to pay some homage to the series.

Hey, there's nothing like taking your favorite game series and doing special renditions on violin & piano right? After all, there is too much excitement beyond that realm. Anyway, back to reality, tell me what you think of these ladies below. The top one also does work with Taylor Davis, which is well known for her performance on songs from hits like Zelda. The bottom one is another personal favorite of mine doing "Bloody Tears" from the classic Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest.

I threw in the bottom one just to let you decide who plays vampire killer the best. Lara or ahem, the "Grim Reaper".

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