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VConcert to feature both Castlevania and Silent Hill composers

November 7, 2014

They may be gone, but never forgotten. Tomorrow marks the day for the VConcert (Video Game Concert) which will feature two well known composers for both Castlevania and Silent Hill. Indeed, the lady behind the vampire slaying game music Michiru Yamane will be there, along with composer Akira Yamaoka from the long running survival horror series.

Among those you will also get a chance to hear from the Nintendo Jazz band, and a Mega Man tribute band. Some of you probably have  never heard of that last one, but yes it does exist. Orchestral events like these are not uncommon, in fact, more and more of them are popping up these day, and game music soundtracks have gotten really popular. So popular in fact as to even be a contender for pop culture songs.

The concert is taking place in Monterrey, Mexico at the Escena Hall and will be streamed tomorrow on November 8th at 4 p.m. Central Time on Twitch. Hopefully not long after that we will be able to catch the concert by way of a YouTube video upload, assuming that is allowed. For yet more information on the VConcert be sure to check out the official site, and tune in tomorrow to catch the Twitch feed itself. A promotional video below shows a few more artists and a bit more of what you can expect.

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