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We may never see another 2D Castlevania game again

October 22, 2014

I never thought I would see the day when I said this, and yet I have. It is being indicating that the Castlevania games in the future to be in 3D, perhaps because that's what will be accepted as mainstream from now on.

Apparently the tastes of the players have changed over the last few years, moving away from the traditional "MetroidVania" type Castlevania, and into the realm of a newly accepted 3D style play, like the Lords of Shadow series.

Now that the LOS has come to its final title, which by the way launches in two days, will we only see 3D Castlevania games from now on? Producer Dave Cox seems to think so, and weighs in on the matter in an interview recently with GamesTM. Here is his full statement below, talking about how the past 2D titles were a "niche" market.

"I think those days are gone, yes. I think hardcore gamers would love to play another 2D Castlevania, but the reality is that it’s a very niche market and Konami really want this series to be mainstream again."
"We took this direction in order to reach that bigger audience, otherwise we would have carried on with the 2D approach. That’s not to say I don’t think there will ever be another 2D game in the series, it might happen but just not from MercurySteam."
"When you look at the future on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, I don’t think people want to play 2D games on those consoles. Core gamers may still want something like that, but there’s an expectation among the wider public for big, epic games."

While the Lords of Shadow games were genuine proof that you can make a 3D Castlevania game and have it be a huge success, what does this in turn mean for any 2D title in the future? I'd like to hear your feedback on this as well. Hits like "Order of Ecclesia" were one of my favorites, and one of the last side scrolling MetroidVania titles made. To think it's finally come to an end, then all I can say is what a horrible night to have a curse.

via GamesTM 


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