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Weekend of Horrors cosplay will send chills down your spine

November 18, 2014

One thing I never get tired of is cosplay acts, and usually around this time of year is when you start seeing fans go all out to perform their favorite characters. Silent Hill is usually at the top of the list for survival horror game fans, and this Nightmare Prodigy performance for the Bubble Head nurse does a fantastic job in demonstrating her love for the series.

It was called the "Weekend of Horrors 2014", and what a weekend it was as two videos have surfaced thanks to the efforts behind it. Nightmare Prodigy didn't manage to win the contest, but in my book she will always be a winner, and a few photos taken of her nurse cosplay act are certainly no exception. Here are some of her thoughts on the event.

"Can you believe this was taken right before the toilets?? RIGHT ME NEITHER! But it was! Everything at the convention looked broken (it was a horror con so yeah..that's why xD) but the toilets were fine don't worry haha! xD This is by far my favorite picture! I love the style of it. And to be honest this looks like it was just from the movie. I'm so proud of myself and my friends I'm crying ;_; I'll maybe also be featured in a magazine called Virus along with my friends! (only in german). Anna also did a fantastic Nurse I'll share a picture when she uploaded them. What do you think about this one?"

You can call her Nightmare, while her real name is Lea, a 19 year old cosplayer from Germany. You can also check out some of her other work via her Facebook page. So why don't you drop by and say hello and observe some of her other photos? But before you head off from this page and check it out, take a look at the rest of the photos below, along with a couple of videos to boot. You may just know........nightmares.

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