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Welcome to Silent mushroom, a place where T-Shirts rule

October 24, 2014

What does Super Mario Bros. have to do with Silent Hill? Well, somehow they managed to get together just long enough to pose for some cool looking art. Mike Handy is a guy who literally is handy at making game worlds collide when it comes to artistry.

He took both games, blending them together in not just the form of a T-Shirt, but whatever else you can think of. IPad and iPhone cases, throw pillows, laptop cases, tote bags, and even a coffee mug! Yes, you can have your cup of wake up juice in the morning while thinking of Super Mario and Silent Hill.

Mike Handy Art is his site, and he is known for art based on both games and movies. These shirt are called "Welcome to Silent Mushroom" since it blends Mario with characters like the Nurses and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. An interesting concept indeed. Also for you ladies, don't worry, there are tank tops for you too. Many sizes and colors for you to choose from will allow you to have one or more of these gems for yourself, while your friends will be stricken with envy.

Simply head over to the official site called Society6, where you can shop around right now on Black Friday. Now is the time because Mike his offering customers free shipping on their goods until Monday. So if you're thinking about what to get him or her or whoever this year, consider this. You won't regret it. 

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