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What a wonderful night to have a cursed Super Nintendo

October 7, 2014

Talk about dedication to the Castlevania series. There is the "Hymn of Blood" web based series, and then you have your cosplay actors and other fan made material such as those whipping up their own game titles. Aside from that, every now and then you will have those who take things a step further to show their dedication for the series, and such is the case with artist Vadu Amka, who created a Super Nintendo that has been heavily modified with a Castlevania based theme. This was done at the request of Sparadrap, the actor from the Noob web series who is a major fan of the long time franchise.

As you can see, so much detail has went into the development, such as everything from a coffin with chains binding, to the skull button, and even fine details such as tree branches and claw marks on the controller. Along with the famous logo to boot. So, do you like what you see so far? Perhaps Vadu can make you a custom design SNES or other favorite game system of your choice based on your selected theme. You can try to ask him if you want, and while your at it take a look at the photos and video below to get a better understanding of how much work, not to mention heart goes into making this a reality.


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