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When Dungeons and Dragons meets the casino slot world

October 9, 2014

Many a person who is familiar with Konami gaming never realized they also have a hand in the casino slot machine business. Indeed, and that being the case, sometimes you just might see the best of both worlds mix together right before your very eyes. Such is the case with their new popular Dungeons & Dragons themed slot machines.

You saw right, D&D games meets the casino business with their tall and yet sleek designed wonder based on the famous top RPG games you used to play in school with friends. Here, you are the dungeon master, or rather the gambling kind. Too bad I was not among the Valley View Casino crowd to be one of the first to try out the new machine.

Appropriately named "Enchanted Riches", you will enjoy the latest addition to the Konami Gaming Synkros Casino Management System. Here are the features for the latest D&D based system below.

  • Win up to 25 Free Games when you spin the wheel!
  • Medium-Low Volatility
  • Win one of four jackpots during the Dungeons & Dragons Progressive Feature
  • Trigger the Free Game Campaign when awarded any Free Games during the Dungeon Master Feature
  • During the Free Game Campaign, up to 3 sets of reel windows can be unlocked
  • Available in fixed 20 and 25-line configurations with forced extra bet

If you or someone you know plans on getting your hands on one, you can get more information and check out even more casino slot machines at the official site here. You can also check out the new video trailer for the machine below. Kind of catchy isn't it?

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