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When LEGOS meet the world of Castlevania 4

October 29, 2014

Just when I think I've seen everything, someone always comes along and proves me wrong. Castlevania: Legend of Vania is certainly no exception, a LEGO based movie. Yes I said LEGO, as in the toys that kids play with. You see, there has been a storm of LEGO based movies on YouTube over the years, and thanks to the tremendous efforts of some guys from Finland, a Castlevania one has been done, and on top of that it is an incredible 146 minutes long!

Hovinet Films is the name of the small studio where it was made, and you're not going to believe how long it took them to make the movie. Seven years worth. Talk about dedication to a movie project. Of course this was done while going to college and taking care of other factors in life, but that's still a lot of effort over a long period of time.

The film has many familiar Castlevania game music tunes within it that most of you should recognize. Already it currently has over 45 thousand view counts as I write this post, and still on the rise. I really wonder if that number will reach 1 million this year, here's hoping. Also keep in mind that the voice acting is in a foreign language, but fear not, as it also has the option for English subtitles. According to the guy who posted it on YouTube, you can also download the movie as a torrent, wherever that may be located.

You can Google it and likely find out, or you can just watch all 146 minutes of the LEGO Castlevania goodness from YouTube alone. I really wonder just how long it will be before Hollywood takes the issue of a full fledged Castlevania movie and actually puts one into production. A while back we were overjoyed when it was announced that a movie was being done, and yet it was only a fan based limited budget movie.

Still that was much appreciated and a valiant effort. One thing is crystal clear, the Castlevania storyline has always, and will always be taken seriously by at least a few folks out there, something I never want to see fade away. Now check out the movie below and let me know what you think about it. 


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