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Where have all the best shooter games gone?

October 9, 2014

Oh where, oh where has my underdog shooter games gone? Hopefully not into oblivion, as some of the best from the past like Gradius deserve a second wind I believe, but will it ever get it? A Gradius 6 game?, one can only hope. But since the long lost days of the old 2D shooter titles we grew up with were replaced with that from the 3D world which is obviously here to stay.

So when it comes to making a transition from old to new, where do you begin? Easier said than done I'm afraid because these are one of those things that must be done properly, or you ruin the whole experience. Lords of Shadow was a lesson to take it slow and make it last, not to easy, and not too fast.

As for Contra, low and behold producer Dave Cox spoke my mind and said what I've been saying the whole time. That the series needs a complete reboot. The last time (before Evolution released) that there was even a residue of hint that a new game would surface, was that unusual flaming "C" that we saw during the E3 show back in 2011. Not much to chew on, but at least it let the world know that all is not lost for a new Contra video game.

The end user, that is you of course should always be the backbone of what should be in a future title. Will that be the case with either of these lost gems?, who is to say at this time, but it is on the table as to what to do with them, and how to go about it. Cox did express a desire to do a new one, but even so stressed that it would have to be something done from scratch.

Part of the problem is too many of the fans complain that they keep getting one rehash after another. That has to end if at least most of the base is to be pleased. Now on to you, what do you want to see in a future Gradius or Contra game? Should it move into the 3D arena, or be left alone and maintain its original glare that made it so bright? Some food for thought, and some of yours in the comment section below if you like.


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