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Why Sexy Parodius is considered a controversy among some gamers

April 17, 2015

Going back a bit, to the mid 1980s, when Konami launched Gradius on the arcade format, it was so well received Konami decided to release a NES version for the classic 8-bit console you've come to know and love. After the fans soaked it up, more side scrolling shooter action was called upon, and as a result hit titles like Salamander (Life Force) and sequels to Gradius were anything but short of spectacular.

The series has been running for years now, and still has quite a number of fans asking for more, especially after seeing what Gradius 5 delivered for the PS2 system.

Aside from that, there were a number of spin-off titles, like Xexex and Parodius. For those of you in the newer generation, you may or may not have ever heard of the Parodius series, as it was more of a classic release that launched around the turn of the 90s. The term "Parodius" itself, is basically a combination of "Parody" and "Gradius", thus that's how it got its name.

After receiving some nice attention from fans, another game seemed in order. Among them was a rather controversial title named "Sexy Parodius". Yes, that's right, a sexy version of Parodius, which happens to be a Parody of Gradius. Are you confused yet?

So why was it called sexy? Since when does sexual appeal fit into the world of side scrolling shooter games? The answer lies in the enemy and level designs, and the risqué innuendo of the game itself. There are characters and bosses dressed up in what you might call questionable outfits, such as women dressed up in bunny costumes that seem to be in line with the Playboy bunny costumes women of that profession are often seen wearing.

So did it make it to the western part of the world? No, as it was never released outside of Japan, until 1996 as a rare Asian arcade release. It also managed to make it onto other formats like Saturn and Playstation Portable, which is why you likely never heard about it. Aside from having the sexual type content, Sexy Parodius is a really fun shooter game to play, and if you can look past that particular sort of thing, you would enjoy it just as much as you would the first Parodius, and even some of the Gradius games.

In the end, it all depends on taste of course, but just for a quick heads up, take a look at a long play video below if you've never witnessed this cool game in action.

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