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Wind of Witches is one of those mobile shooter games you can't put down

October 9, 2014

Konami is no stranger to shooter games. Long time hits like Parodius, Gradius, Nemesis, and even Twinbee have long since graced our living rooms. A new shooter on the horizon called Wind of Witches is ready to take hold of your iOS device.

It's called "Wind of Witches", and features fast paced shooter action, and yet is easy for anyone to learn in a heartbeat. Kitty Witchy is the main character, and her friends each have their own unique and magical abilities as you move through the game and discover new Lwa formations.

Raise your score as you unlock new witches, and discover new powers while you get into Fever mode! Have some Facebook friends? Sure, invite them to compete with you to see who is the best of the best.

Wind of Witches is now available from the iTunes store using the link below. Android users will want to check back at the other link below for updates, as a version for their device will be headed there soon as well. Meanwhile, check out the official video for this cool new shooter.

via iTunes
via Konami


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