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Would Castlevania make a top action movie?

December 24, 2014

Fans have talked about it, and for years it seemed that no one was going to step up to the plate to make a Castlevania movie. That is until a group of fans decided to gather up a small budget, a couple of Star Trek: The Next Generation former cast members and get to work making one. Did it fan out like people wanted it to? Well for only having a couple of weeks and a small pocket of money to work with I thought it turned out rather well.

You had Michael Dorn (Worf) playing a werewolf, while the beautiful and talented Marina Sirtis (counselor Troy) played a Gypsy on her part. The big question on everyone's mind was the role of Simon Belmont and Dracula. After all, that's supposed to be the main focus right? Right, and while it seems they somewhat botched the character for Simon, (he's  supposed to be Dracula's son?) the very concept of a Castlevania movie might be considered a forbidden fruit for many fans.

Why is that? Well, the accusations flew when the first episode was released, and since the fans were wanting someone like Paul W.S. Anderson who directed Resident Evil to take on the role of making the film, the very thought of a Castlevania movie seemed a bit iffy to him as well. Metal Gear?, no problem there, and Silent Hill is ditto as well. So what is the problem with taking on a vampire based movie?

Well for starters a top action movie requires that people pay attention and car about it, and after so many vampire movies have been done and redone is there any room left for the famous platform title? I say yes, but picking out the right story line to follow might be the tricky part. There are so many characters to choose from like Alucard, Maria, Trevor and so on that film producers might be a little skeptic to touch the series.

So if there is anything to be learned about making a decent action film based on killing Dracula once again it's that producers are often noted for taking the road that pleases the masses. That is one lesson that was brought to light by Silent Hill Revelations. It could have been a lot better, and one thing it did fail to do was deliver what the fans wanted, and hell hath no fury like a fans scorn. What did you think of the movie and what would you like to see from one if Hollywood ever attempt to do a full blown film?

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