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Xexex is an awesome shooter game that is under appreciated

October 28, 2014

Sometimes when you hear the word "Gradius", you may think to yourself that it's related to almost every Konami shooter ever made. Well I like to think Xexex is at least one small exception to the rule. Sure it's a side scrolling game like Gradius, plus you gain power ups, which is not so much like Gradius or most other shooters floating around these days.

The power ups are quite unique in how they look and feel during game play, not your usual Speed Up, Laser, Option, Force Field, and so on.

What was also unique about the attack system, was the droid tentacle attachment that's on the front of your ship. You can also power it up, to levels 3 and even 4 tentacles according to what I've heard from some gamers. The droid attachment can act as a homing device, seeking out enemies and leeching itself onto it until the enemy dies. That's something that comes in quite handy during a boss battle.

The other aspects of the game I so adored was the fruitful and brilliant colors that Xexex had throughout the game. You can tell by looking at Stage 2 exactly what I mean. There is a video below that I found on YouTube that labels Xexex as one of the "Criminally overlooked games", and so it surely is.

This shooter is one of those titles that was unfortunately buried underneath more well known titles like Gradius, Salamander, Parodius, and Twinbee just to name a few.

Sometimes I would ask even some classic gamers if they've ever played Xexex, and they would respond that they have never even heard of it. Kind of makes you want Konami to revive this gem and bring it back to modern day consoles somehow. Wouldn't that be a real treat?

So for those of you out there that still haven't heard of Xexex, or perhaps you were just too young to know of it, here are some images and a video for you to get an idea of what it's like and if it might be one of those shooters you want to give a try. I believe you will enjoy this classic title.

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