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Your child could have their own personal Metal Gear machine

October 27, 2014

It's been hailed as a promotional tool, or a really expensive commercial product. In either case, this is something that takes protecting your child to a whole new level. Are we looking at a real life Metal Gear machine? Not exactly, but the name of it is "Powered Jacket MK3" and well, it sort of looks like it could be modified into a Metal Gear mech.

Here are some of the specs. It's over 7ft tall, and weighs in at a mere 55lbs, since it is composed of carbon fiber and aluminum. You control the arms by moving the appropriate lever, and the fingers themselves can be controlled rather nicely. There is even a clear canopy that is designed to protect the child from pedophiles. Sounds complex, but if a child can control it, surely anyone can.

The demo trailer below will take you for a trip, as it shows a Japanese girl operating it, followed by a guy walking around in public with one while people look on him in awe. So how much does something like this cost? You might want to get a second job, as this cool looking gadget will run you ¥12,500,000  or (~$124,000 USD).

Not too bad if you are wealthy enough. Although you might want to hurry, as they plan to only make five of them. Sagawa Electronics is the place to land one, just don't attach any nuclear warheads to one, as the world doesn't need a real life walking Metal Gear machine. After watching the video below, let me know your thoughts about it. Or at least how hard you laughed.


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